Benefits and Services

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Benefits and Services 

Northland Occupational Health & DOT Compliance provides a wide selection of services to support your business. We will drive to you within the mid-west region (location restrictions may apply), and we can help with your national/state drug and alcohol testing program. Below are some of the services we provide:

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing:

We know that each client has their own needs and requirements for a drug and alcohol management program. We'll assess the government (Federal or State) agency requirements that must be followed, and contractor/sub-contractor requirements that fit the needs of your business. The FMCSA sets the annual random controlled substances testing percentage rate and it has been updated for 2020.

"The FMCSA announces that it is increasing the minimum annual percentage rate for random controlled substances testing for drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL) from the current rate of 25 percent of the average number of driver positions to 50 percent of the average number of driver positions, effective in calendar year 2020."  FMCSA Website.(2020)

The new year of 2020 saw an increase to 50% you can view the official ruling by clicking here.


Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing:

Design a drug and alcohol program through Northland's focused and experienced staff that fulfills your company's preferences and requirements. Be proactive and be in compliance! 

Pre-Employment Drug Testing: 

Increase employee productivity, decrease your absenteeism rate, see a drop in worker's compensation claims, and decrease your employee turnover rate, all through an established drug testing program. Relax knowing that you've hired the right employees for your business.

Random Drug Testing:

Establish your own company consortium with an assigned program administrator who will work with you to establish the required reports, update your employee lists, and answer your program related questions. Ensure your program remains compliant with DOT drug testing regulations working with Northland's established consultants. Individual random drug testing consortiums will be available for each DOT agency, monitored year-round. 

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing:

Don't let drug and alcohol abuse have a negative impact on productivity. Whether you're mandated by law or simply trying to keep your workplace drug-free for the safety and reputation of the organization, Northland can guide you through it all – from helping you recognize the signs and symptoms, to administering reasonable suspicion drug testing, when you need it.

Consortium Information:

A drug and alcohol testing consortium is a grouping of companies or employers that join together for the purpose of meeting the DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements. The consortium members add their DOT covered employees to a combined random testing pool and from that pool employees are randomly selected for testing. Consortiums enable smaller companies as well as owner operators to meet the requirements of the DOT mode they fall under as well as keep costs down. Contact us today to discuss how our consortium services can improve your business.

Background Checks:

Background checks for employees as part of the hiring process are important and can be very beneficial. Research shows that implementing background checks can improve the quality of your hires, reduce negligent hiring risks, enhance regulatory compliance, and improve workplace safety.


Audiometry is used to measure the range and sensitivity of a person's sense of hearing. Depending on the industry, regular audiometry testing may be required for your employees as part of the regulations to protect your workers. It is a cost-effective and value-added service a business can utilize to improve employee safety.


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